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Doris Steinkraus

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Tennis players use their bodies to execute forceful repetitive motions, which put a lot of stress on muscles, joints and ligaments.  As a tennis player you can greatly benefit from the help of a professional massage therapist to identify potential injuries and keep you healthy and strong.

Doris Steinkraus is an experienced, licensed massage therapist.  She is passionate about helping tennis players and others with healing and achieving relief from pain using a medical massage approach.  She works with each individual to give them the best possible care by identifying their specific needs and addressing them. She also enjoys educating people about muscles and teaching them self-care and how to prevent tension, pain and injuries.

Since 1999 Doris has been working with people who experience conditions such as tennis elbow, back pain, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, calf pain, knee pain, thoracic outlet syndrome, neck pain, and shin splints.  She believes many people suffer with pain unnecessarily, and that by getting to the root of a problem it is possible to reverse many painful conditions.

To book an appointment, call Doris directly at (512) 944-8166 or email at dorissteinkraus@gmail.com

Massage rates:

  •   30 minutes - $50

  •   60 minutes - $90

  •   90 minutes - $120

  •   120 minutes - $150

Cancellation policy:
Please give 24 hours’ notice to cancel an appointment to avoid being billed for that scheduled appointment.


Working 50+ hours a week on court and the majority of that time being spent hitting and moving around the court with clients that are performance oriented wreaks havoc on my body. I just don't have the time to put what I should back into my body, so that I can recover correctly and be functioning at a level that I should be. Luckily I found Doris. She is responsible for keeping me on court in a functional way. Without her there is no way I could be doing nearly as much as I am. It's not just about massage, but about realigning things and making sure everything works optimally. Thank you!

Marcos O.

I was playing tennis 4-5 times a week and developed a wrist, shoulder and elbow injury. I couldn’t play tennis for almost 3 months. My elbow was on fire and my opposite shoulder hurt so bad I could hardly put on a coat. After being on a waiting list for physical therapy for over a month…Doris got me right in and after 2 appointments I was literally back on the court playing again. After seeing her one time a week for 6 weeks I was completely out of pain in all of my injured areas. She has the heart to help those in pain and really has mastered the art of massage! No physical therapy for me!

Heather L.

Doris, the miracle massage therapist!  We were referred to her when my daughter was suffering from a sore knee and now feel fortunate to have her looking out for us.  After a few treatments, our daughter was feeling better and back on the court.  Kind, caring, thoughtful, thorough...there are not enough kind words we can say about her!

Jennine C.



Doris is amazing!  My buttocks had been in pain for several days.  I did not know what caused the pain.  Doris gave me a great massage for the targeted area and relieved my pain almost immediately.  Her therapeutic massage was so effective that I was able to take a long flight to Europe without any pain.  I feel she is a miracle worker!

Eiko M.



Doris knows how to get to the source of the issue, even when it is not in the same area as the soreness.  Whether for overall health or specific areas, Doris has great expertise and helps keep the body going.